Nitrera Technologies Inc follows the Arcor process under license by H.E.F. USA. Arcor is a liquid nitriding process in which ferrous metals such as steel, iron and stainless steel are immersed in an aerated salt bath mixture of cyanates and carbonates of sodium and potassium. This is known as ferritic liquid nitrocarburization.

Ferritic liquid nitrocarburization is a thermochemical diffusion process whereby nitrogen and carbon are simultaneously defused into the surface of ferrous metals to develop or enhance particular engineering properties and thus increase performance. The process is carried out in a liquid salt bath at a subcritical treatment temperature, typically 1055°F. Liquid nitriding improves wear resistance, lubricity, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance as a result of the presence of iron nitride compounds formed at the surface, in addition to a zone of diffused nitrogen in solid solution with the base material, subjacent to the compound layer. Both of these zones are metallurgically discernible, each providing specific engineering properties.